The Gentleman Scientist
(-o-)I’m conflicted between wanting to play Don’t Starve or play on my 3DS


when you like someone more than they like you



me not shaving my legs has literally nothing to do with feminism and literally everything to do with me being lazy


do you ever just want to hold someone in your arms for about 37 years



when i try to draw feet

(-o-)I have updated Wilson’s blog a bit! There has been a page added with changes in Wilson and I updated the rules and relationship pages!

by Rusty Clark
(-o-)I think I need to update Wilson’s information a bit :’) He’s changed a lot
Angel: i'm here for you

I’m actually very worried about you and Gage visiting this game a lot.
I actually rather want you to stay away from it since it has become a lot more dangerous than it previously was.
I don’t want you two to get a game over here, I would never forgive myself if that happened.

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Submitted by: Anonymous



IF ME CALLING YOU DUDE OR GURL CAUSES YOU TO HAVE DYSPHORIA YOU SHOULD tell me because you being comfortable is so much more important than some stupid slang 

or when if i call you “man” because i know i do that a lot. please tell me if it causes dysphoria or just makes you upset in general. because i will stop because i love you.

pros to dating me:


  • i’ll actually respond to your text
  • you can literally kiss me whenever you want (esp random neck kisses like yes please)
  • we can hold hands
  • butt touches
  • cuddles? ? ? yes good
  • i’ll play with your hair or vise versa
  • we can eat pizza togethercuddl


listen i don’t give a fuck if we’re friends, if we’re playing videogames i will show you no mercy. fuck you. be strong.